2017 Uptown Art Expo Poster Winner

Uptown Art Expo is excited to present the winner of our poster contest!


Kate Carney headshot

“Lightness of Being”

Kate Carney

For this artist, nothing beats the powerful and lasting color capabilities of oil paint. In the nuances and intensities of color Kate tries to express the inspiration she finds in the things which burst with life – people, wildlife, storms, plants. She pushes and grows, and the images in her mind clamor for life, sometimes she says she wishes they would shut up & sometimes she fears they might.  Kate often works solely from the images in her mind, other times she works from life, her own photos and videos, and commercial photo libraries.

Painterly, passionate, and impressionistic; my backgrounds are usually simplified. This artist stops when they get interesting and it took a really long time to learn that. By combining classical oil painting techniques with contemporary brushwork Kate uses abstract, glazed backgrounds as well as expressive, alla prima brushwork on the featured objects to keep the focus on her subject matter and strengthen the message in the work, while expressing the mood with the color story in the evocative backgrounds.

Raised in England, Kate’s earliest formal training was in London at Chelsea School of Arts and then she went on to University of London, Queen’s College and University Colleges to study Humanities because it seemed more marketable, but she kept sneaking back into the studio arts classes to paint.

Kate Carney lives in Eustis, Florida with her husband, the last two of her four children still living at home and assorted dogs and cats.  She teaches painting workshops in Florida, and is looking forward to leading a workshop in Italy in 2017.   She doesn’t have any hobbies because all she ever does is paint, but sometimes her friends can drag her out to do some kayaking and hiking.

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